SME Student Scholarships Programs

Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc. of Sioux Falls® has contributed over $250,000 in student scholarships and youth programs under our SME Youth Benefit Auction® and fundraising programs.

Each year SME Sioux Falls awards scholarships to college students in institutions of higher learning in South Dakota.  Students are encouraged to apply for the awards by instructors at the respective schools they attend or by just hearing about the scholarships through media outlets.  The minimum amount given away yearly is $5500 and a set policy governed by the Board of Directors.  The individual scholarship amounts vary from $1000 to $3000 per student winner.  Monies for these scholarships are raised through a fundraising effort of raffles and donations.  Deadlines for applications are the first part of February.  The Scholarship competition is held in mid-April and scholarships are awarded the evening of the competition.  Scholarship monies are paid to the students the following fall after enrollment. 

For more information on SME Scholarships, contact Kendra Calhoun by email:

Click here for application
Be sure to include your “official college” transcript with application.