2014 SME Women of Excellence Recognized

For their dedication to the community, service to others and commitment to helping women achieve their goals, three women were honored as the Women of Excellence at the annual Sales and Marketing Executives Women in Business event.  In the three categories, the 2014 winners are:

2014 Winners - SME Women of Excellence AwardsAnnie Mello, co-owner and operator of CPMFITness, was awarded the Young Women of Excellence.  In the health and fitness industry, she possesses an internal drive to learn, grow and become better.  She is determined in her pursuit to make health reasonable, effective, fun and a lifestyle.  When you first meet her you will notice right away how dedicated she is to her personal fitness.  After a few minutes of talking with her you will understand how passionate she is for helping others, especially women, in achieving their fitness and wellness goals.  She has developed special programs and classes in the gym, some of which cater to women and girls.  Annie has a growing online community through her personal brand and website, Fitchic LA, which empowers women in all aspects of health, fitness, nutrition, motivation and accountability AND she has recently published her first of many cookbooks, Cooking FIT.  Annie sets extremely high standards for her personal health and it positively affects the interests and lives of those she associates with. 

2014 Winners - SME Women of Excellence AwardsMary Sand, the winner of Women Mentoring Women, is Vice President of Leadership & Organizational Development at Avera Health.  For fourteen years, she worked in physical therapy as a physical therapist, director, consultant and associate professor.  Her passion for encouraging women to pursue their educational goals is demonstrated by her doctoral degree, a goal she calls a “personal challenge”.  Mary fosters potential by leading a group of 24 individuals who work in leadership development, staff development, education events and service excellence.  Mary says “to me, the best part is tapping into the potential of every employee and giving them the tools to go forward and be successful”.  She is also a mentor to her team of four female directors and one administrative assistant, to grow their leadership potential.  In the community, Mary serves on the Board of the Sioux Falls Jazz and Blues Society and on the USD Health Sciences Advisory Board, AND she is a volunteer for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and Make-A-Wish Foundation as well as facilitates a leadership book club. 

Betty Ordal, Member Services Director of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, received the Women Working through the Decades Award.  She has been very instrumental in the business community and the City of Sioux Falls.  Betty began her career at an entry level position when women weren’t really even expected to work outside of the home; especially moving into management positions and through to division leadership.  She has given her time and talent to the community by serving in leadership roles for numerous organizations, including the SME Inc., Board of Directors and the National Association for Membership Development for the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. Betty encourages women in the Chamber to get involved in other areas of the community and supports their professional and personal development.  Her approach to management is identifying the best attributes of her employees and quietly challenging them to become the best they can be, both professionally and personally.  She has been able to bring all parties to the table to collaborate for the good of Sioux Falls, AND she was skilled at social networking long before it became a trendy thing to do; you can find her on FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  She will be entering into a well deserved retirement this summer, but people will continue to rely on Betty to help them find their way.