Rising in Excellence Award Nomination

Rising in Excellence is an award that is presented to a member of SME who is in the South Dakota business community and has built a business or is leading within their organization.

Judging of the award will be done blind by removing the nominees name and identifying information, meaning your written nomination is all the judges will use in making their decision. Please be thorough in your responses and be sure to answer the given questions in detail, providing examples and stories.

Looking for ideas of who to nominate? Browse the full list of SME SIOUX FALLS MEMBERSHIP


    Criteria for the Rising in Excellence Award

    Nominee must be:
    - Current member of SME Sioux Falls.
    - Between the ages of 25-45.
    - An individual in the SD business community who has built a business or is leading in their organization.
    - An individual who has contributed within their organization and has a track record of 5+ years.
    - Viewed as a future leader in the community.
    - Volunteers time, treasure, and/or talents.
    - SME Board Members are not eligible for nomination.

    Nominator Information

    Nominee Information

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