Thank you to those who joined us for the first membership meeting of the 2021-22 SME year. Jeff Stott, an expert in sales and organizational execution performance solutions at FranklinCovey, launched our speaker series with his presentation, “Finding the Intersection of Trust and Value.”

SME also debuted its new promotional video, viewable here. Thanks to Pinnacle Productions and our incredible members who participated in creating the video.

Finding the Intersection of Trust and Value
Jeff Stott

Building trust and connecting to customer value is critical to achieving and sustaining sales success. Levels of sustained sales success are influenced by the correlation between customer beliefs, trust, value creation and decision making.

The role of sales is about helping the “right” client get what they need and value in a way they feel good about and want to do again and again with you. This is accomplished by enabling decisions and facilitating value exchange. You can differentiate yourself based on “how” you sell.

Sales professionals can maximize value creation and exchange by focusing on three key skills:  execution intelligence (XQ), emotional intelligence (EQ), and business intelligence (IQ). These three are a powerful combination to create value throughout the sales cycle.

Execution Intelligence (XQ): Your ability to focus and use people’s time well.
Follow the Laws of Sales Execution:

  • Focus on the GAP – where can you optimize for breakthrough results in your revenue goals?
  • Leverage Best Practice Behaviors & Tools
  • Engagement with Simple Scoreboarding
  • Accountability Weekly

Emotional Intelligence (EQ): Your ability to build trust with your clients and break down barriers. Intent counts more than technique.

Focus equally on character and competence. Character is your intent and integrity. Is your intent self-serving or other-serving? Your customer can read through fake intent. Competence is your capability to do things and produce them well.

Business Intelligence (IQ): How you tie together your knowledge on how your customers succeed with how you can impact their success.

Solutions have no inherent value; solutions derive value. Be curious and ask questions to understand your client’s goals and their world. Your solution has no inherent value until you connect with your client on that plane. Download FranklinCovey’s Opportunity Worksheet for a framework to asking these questions.

Could you build your XQ, EQ, and IQ? Strengthening them will help you maximize value creation and exchange for your clients.


Thank you to our meeting sponsor Vern Eide Motorcars. Sponsors allow us to bring in talented, quality speakers like we saw this month. As a sponsor the speaker comes to your business for a 1-hour presentation to your staff/customers and a table of 8 guests for the lunch. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a sponsor, contact Mindy Kroll or Sheila Hoff.

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