September 2019 Membership Meeting Recap

Dec 6, 2019 | 2019-20 Newsletters, Newsletters

September Membership Meeting

Thank you to all those that were able to attend our kickoff meeting for 2019-20 year! Please take our quick one-minute survey to share your feedback on the event: September Membership Meeting Feedback

This year marks the 60th anniversary of SME Sioux Falls and we are excited to share several changes that we have in store for the coming year. One of those changes being this email with a recap of the membership meeting. Our hope is to provide reminders from the meeting and to keep those who were unable to attend informed. Additionally, marketing efforts are underway for the SME rebrand…. stay tuned!

Highlights from our Speakers Brett & Blake Hoogeveen
Stupid Things Leaders Do – A Guide to Not Ruining Your Culture


7 Principles of Leadership
1. Leaders maintain a never-ending focus on mission, culture, and the pursuit of excellence.
2. Leaders create an environment where staff feels proud of their company- and know that their company is proud of them.
3. Leaders work hard to help staff be successful at work and in life.
4. Leaders protect the right of good staff to work with good staff.
5. Leaders encourage and promote open discussion and analysis as a predicate to decision making.
6. Leaders deal effectively with conflict.
7. Leaders encourage others to enjoy their work.

Mistakes Managers Make
Managers assume that they don’t need to measure cultural health – they think they know what it is.

Hawthorne effect – leaders walk in and observe the current interaction but aren’t seeing reality. They see the changes that happen when a boss walks in the room.

Don’t always look at what you could do better, rather consider what you need to stop doing when recruiting. Talent matters.

Pride is the Big Dog for positive employee culture. Build pride by telling stories about people within the organization and differentiate from your competitors.

Work and fun are NOT opposites. Companies often create the culture of “no fun around here”. The best organizations don’t have this mindset. We can work hard and have the time of our lives.

Text “mindset” to 66866 to receive the slide show from today’s presentation.


Our subcommittees are the heart and soul of the organization and they work hard throughout the year to put on events. Each month we will be selecting one committee chair to come up to the podium to share. This month we welcomed Derek Kattenberg, board liaison for the Recruitment committee:


The Fall Membership drive is underway with a goal of 60 new members for SME’s 60th year.

If you know someone that qualifies for membership, invite them to join you at a meeting to see first hand the benefits of becoming a member.

To learn more about the fall drive and to join a team reach out to Charlie Nesdahl, committee chair, at 323-2560.


Thank you to our meeting sponsor, Vern Eide. Sponsors allow us to bring in talented, quality speakers like we saw this month. As a sponsor the speaker comes to your business for a 1-hour presentation to your staff/customers and a table of 8 guests for the lunch. If you are interested in being a sponsor for future meetings contact Tim Schut,


Thank you to the members who brought a guest to this months meeting! Everyone who brought a guest was put in to a random drawing for a one night stay at Grand Falls Casino and Golf Resort.  Congratulations to our winner, Dana Fisher!


Thank you to Grand Falls for their generous contribution of the hotel stay!

Be on the lookout for other opportunities to win Grand Falls hotel stays throughout the year.

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