Thank you to those who were able to join us for the November membership meeting both in person and virtually!

We are happy to share that after the vote to update membership qualifications last month, the criteria for membership is now based on the following:

  • A senior level leadership position who manages a team/department within an organization or is directly involved with sales or marketing.
  • An Entrepreneur, Business Owner, President, or C-Suite level role of a company.
  • Employed by a post-secondary education institution whose assignment is President (or equivalent), Business School Dean or Department Chair, Professors principally devoted to teaching sales and/or marketing or others whose principle assignments are in the management of student recruiting or public affairs.


Everything you do is a presentation. This includes emails, phone calls, Zoom calls, and even conversations.
Make the most of your presentation:

  • If you don’t have original content, then you need to have original style.
  • Think about what will get people’s attention and hold it.
  • Know your content and speak from the heart.
  • Learn how to become natural in an unnatural environment.
  • You don’t need to use PowerPoint but instead know how to connect to your audience.
  • Talk to the attendees before hand to learn about them. This gives you the opportunity to tailor the presentation to the audience in real time.
  • Take questions throughout the presentation and not just at the end.
  • Walk around and interact with the audience. By doing this, people are joining you instead of you being the “show”.
  • Have at least one signature story that is 2-3 minutes and is true, in first person, unique, and has a positive ending.
  • If you get pushback from the audience deal with it right away because more often than not more than one person feels that way.
  • Protect your close time and ensure you have a call to action. The more specific, the better.
Tips and Tricks:
  • Trifold your notes and put them in your pocket. Ask the audience to get a pen and while they are doing that you can put your notes on the podium. The audience will assume you are not using notes.
  • Over rehearse the beginning of your presentation so that you can get in to your flow.
  • People don’t want bullet points, they want success stories.
  • Offer a preview and establish expectations of the presentation right away.
  • Have people smile and do something physical (raise hand, write something down) right away.
  • When on Zoom, look into the camera to connect with the audience.
  • It is ok to ask for applause. “Did you enjoy my presentation?”

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We are looking for sponsors for the upcoming 2021-22 calendar year. There are new options for how you can be a part of bringing in talented, quality speakers each month. If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, contact Mindy Kroll or Sheila Hoff.

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