2018 May SME Newsletter

Greetings SME of Sioux Falls,

I am so glad the calendar turned to May.    We had a winter of record cold and snow for Sioux Falls and Spring would not come.   The tide turned right about the time we had a fantastic SME Women in Business Day.   Coincidence??  I think not!   The effort by this committee really showed Sioux Falls how to host a great day for Professional Women in our area.    Yes, they all were so good, weather had to turn to Spring……  Thank you all in making this day.

Our next meeting is May 15th.   You will see some slight changes for this meeting.   A little more networking time and we will Candy Hanson talking to us about a fine local Community Foundation that has developed, Sioux Falls Thrive.   Candy will talk to us about how Sioux Falls can help our children succeed and thrive in our community.  

We also will be talking to you about what we have done this year through pictures and a few words about what is up for next calendar year.   SME is ever changing and our board is looking to fine tune SME of Sioux Falls to make it better, more relevant, and evolving as we move our group forward.

Recently SME sent out a survey monkey questionnaire by email to all of you.   We will send it again.  For those of you who have not had a chance to complete it, please do.   The responses are critical to hear what we can do better.  

As I end this letter, it is great to have Spring.   I see more smiles, grills are going, lawns are green and the birds are chirping.    Flowers will be here any day.    We can all enjoy the days ahead.  

Make it Happen,

Mark Buehler