2018 June Newsletter

Good Summer SME Members!

I hope you read this in good health and spirits as we enter summer.   It has been a true honor and pleasure serving as your President for SME of Sioux Falls this past year.   Thank you to all the members of the board this year for your dedication and efforts.    Be assured your SME Board is involved and vested into having SME of Sioux Falls the PREMIER Sales and Marketing Professional group of our area!

2018-2019 is going to be a special year.   Our main challenge is to find someone to replace our esteemed CEO, Sue Ford.   Our Search Committee is hard at work preparing a Scope of Services and we should be posting this RFP (Request for Proposal of Services) in early July.  

Another main focus SME has is membership.   This is our backbone to bringing in great speakers and hosting big events.   We need everyone to see who else can join SME, to make it bigger and better.

As this is my last communication by newsletter, I thank all of you in SME of Sioux Falls.   I look forward to sitting out in the crowd at our monthly meetings.   I’ve had a great time being President, but now time to hand the gavel to our incoming President, Roxanna McKenna.  

Hope to see you at the GOLF JAM on August 14th to kick off our 2018-2019 calendar year!

Make it happen and best wishes,

Mark Buehler