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2020 April SME Membership Meeting @ The Country Club of Sioux Falls
Apr 21 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Speaker: Deirdre Van Nest

Topic: Stand Out and Own the Room Every Time You Speak!


STAND OUT AND OWN THE ROOM EVERY TIME YOU SPEAK!  For Your High-Achieving Advisors, Leaders, & Sales Pros

It’s no longer enough to be the smartest or most skilled professional in the room. We are in the Communication Age. This means when speaking to groups, whether it’s for 1 minute or 1 hour, people will make judgments about your competency based on your speaking skills. So…If you’re an A+ Professional but a B- SPEAKER, you have a problem. The potential for someone to assume you’re also B- at your job is high. When this happens, you lose credibility, business, and the ability to impact more lives.

The good news is You can be both! An A+ Professional and an A+ Speaker!

In this practical and interactive talk, your group will:

  • Learn why many professionals are not satisfied with the results they get from speaking, and what they can do to skyrocket sales and knock it out of the park every time they speak.
  • Discover the mistake almost every presenter makes when they open a presentation. This mistake bores the audience, decreases the number of appointments they set after their talk and reduces their overall impact.
  • Get the key for immediately capturing the attention of any audience. Let’s face it if you don’t know how to get peoples’ attention off their phones and on to you, your talk is toast. Master this one technique and you will know how exactly how to command the attention of any audience.
  • Discover how to connect emotionally with every audience (use this for 1:1 conversations too). This strategy is like pouring lighter fluid on all your presentations and conversations.


About Deirdre Van Nest –

Deirdre Van Nest is the go-to expert on the topic of speaking to groups. She is the creator of the Crazy Good Talks® Blueprint, a system that teaches financial advisors, leaders and sales pros how to bring in business faster and impact more lives through the power of speaking. She is the host of Crazy Good Talks® TV and is called upon for interviews on podcasts and TV talk shows.

Deirdre is an international speaker and trainer, a Certified World Class Speaking™ Coach, a Certified Fearless Living Coach, a contributing author of the Amazon bestseller World Class Speaking™ in Action and author of “Fire Your Fear™.” She is also a monthly contributor for Horsesmouth and faculty at Hoopis Performance Network.

Deirdre is an Italian/Irish New Yorker living in Minneapolis where she tries hard not to scare people with her loud voice and enthusiastic hand gestures.

2020 April SME Women in Business @ Sioux Falls Convention Center
Apr 28 all-day

SME Women in Business

Keynote Speaker:  Erin Brockovich

2020 May SME Membership Meeting @ The Country Club of Sioux Falls
May 19 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm

Speaker: John Meyer

Topic: The Last Talk You Ever Need to Hear

Sponsor: Thrivent Financial & Anderson Group

In the last talk of the SME year, John T. Meyer will discuss how to build an organization prepared for the future of work. How do we create a culture of leaders and entrepreneurs in all sizes of organizations, from two-year-old startups to fourth-generation family companies? John will give you the questions all organizations need to be asking themselves as well as models to help answer those questions.

About John Meyer –

John T. Meyer wants to help everyone do work that matters. He is co-founder and CEO of Lemonly, a design studio that helps the world’s best brands simplify their message. For eight years, Lemonly has created infographics and visual stories for international brands like Marriott, Major League Baseball, Netflix, Marvel, the Green Bay Packers and the United Nations. John’s goal is to make Lemonly the best place to work in the Midwest, he writes and speaks about company culture and building great teams. John loves to cheer on the Minnesota Twins and spend time with his wife Paige and daughters Margot and Liv.