For SME’s first membership meeting of 2022, Ericka Heiser, business appraiser and owner of Heiser Valuation Services and Queen Bee of the Heiser Household, presented her keynote, “Reaching the Summit of Success.” Thank you to all who joined!

Reaching the Summit of Success
Ericka Heiser

The definition of success changes throughout the course of our lives. As life changes and gets overwhelming, it is important take time to define what success means to you.

Three Ways to be Successful

Build Relationships
Be like Barb, Ericka’s mother. Barb is a master at building relationships because she is genuine and takes the time to listen, ask questions, and make strangers feel special. Building relationships is about giving. You give it; you get it back. Forming connections and relationships also brings us new perspectives to learn from. You build relationships because it will enhance your life and grow your business.

Face Your Fears
Face your fears and your fears will disappear, or at least diminish. Ericka shared her journey from fearing to introduce herself to five people at a meeting to emceeing Day of Excellence, a project of Leadership Rapid City. She used her passion for the project to force her to face her public speaking fear. She discovered a love for sharing connections and stories with an audience she would have never known was there. Face your fears because you never know what you will fall in love with.

Find Magic in the Mundane
Every day, Ericka’s family sits around the dinner table and shares the magic they experienced that day. Some days are easier to recognize the magic than others. The magic in the day-to-day may be small, but it is there. Take the time to find it. When you look back on the story of your life, you will be grateful you took time to make memories of the magic, rather than the mundane.

How do you get to success? You figure out what it is. You define it.

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Thank you to our meeting sponsors, Anderson Group CPA and NAI Sioux Falls. Sponsors allow us to bring in talented, quality speakers like we saw this month. As a sponsor the speaker comes to your business for a one-hour presentation to your staff/customers and a table of six guests for the lunch. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a sponsor, contact Mindy Kroll or Sheila Hoff.

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