January 26, 2021 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
The Country Club of Sioux Falls
3400 W 22nd St
Sioux Falls SD 57105

The Power of Followership
As a culture, we have been often told to “lead and not follow.” In fact, much time, attention, and money is spent training leaders to most effectively mentor and guide their organizations. However, there is another important side of the leadership story—followership! Why do I care to be a good follower and how does that transform and train me to become an effective leader? Attendees will learn how followership creates leadership, leadership informs followership, and hear a fresh perspective about their powerful role as a follower and leader in a new and empowering way.

Meeting Sponsor

Leah Georges, Ph.D., M.L.S., approaches most questions as if they are 50 percent math problem and 50 percent art project. Her Ted talk about how generational stereotypes hold us back at work has been viewed nearly 2.5 million times from folks all over the world. Leah’s training at the intersection of social psychology and law taught her that facts are rarely altogether factual, answers are seldom black and white, and the most fascinating explanations happen in that gray area in between. It’s a mess in there, but it’s worth it.

Leah is an assistant professor in Creighton University’s doctoral program in interdisciplinary leadership, where she challenges herself and her students to explore complex, real-world problems and create data-driven and interesting solutions. As a leadership and research methods professor, Leah has been recognized as an award-winning educator and advisor by her students and peers.

Leah is also actively involved in the Omaha, NE community through several nonprofit organizations, including as President of the Nebraska Innocence Project, an organization dedicated to improving the criminal justice system through education and reform.