Thanks to all who attended this month’s membership meeting! April speaker, Teresa Lewis, presented on “The 7 Mindsets: A Life Changing Revolution.” She is a certified coach and speaker with The 7 Mindsets. Lewis spends her time as a motivational speaker, author, mindset coach, and doTERRA independent wellness advocate.

The 7 Mindsets
Teresa Lewis

The 7 Mindsets are the result of a three-year study designed to uncover how many people found happiness, success, meaning, and purpose in life. The research found that happiness and success is not predicated on what we know or where we come from, it is predicated on how we think.

Every Day Can be Life Changing
Our mindset – how we think – influences how we experience life. A shift in perspective, combined with additional information changes how we experience life.

47.9% of what we do every day is driven by the habits we have learned and embraced as adults. The remaining 52.1% is made up of deliberate thought and action. Living with intention, however, is often easier said than done because most people think in direct opposition to the mindsets that matter.

Engaged v. Disengaged
A Gallup study on employee engagement found that 34% of employees are engaged (take initiative and positively impact other people), 50% are disengaged (can be persuaded either way because they are insecure in their passion), and 16% are actively disengaged (stir the pot and bring other people down).

It is you who gets to decide which group you are in. It is an intentional choice. In addition to having more fun at work, engaged employees are 31% more productive because of their positive state of mind and make more of an impact.

The 7 Mindsets
The 7 Mindsets are designed to promote self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision making.

  1. Everything is possible. What would you have been if not for obstacles and failures? We are limited by the “buts” and “hows.” Possibilities broaden when limiting beliefs are off the table.
  2. Passion first. Lead with your talents and the things you love to do. Own your talents and gifts and how you give them to the world. Be open to making a different choice instead of a wrong decision.
  3. We are connected. We are created to be in relationship. There are synergies beyond what we can see and feel.
  4. We are 100% accountable for our choices in life It is true that “it is what it is” and also true that “it becomes what you make it.” Focus on what you need to let go of and what you need to be more intentional about.
  5. Have an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for all you have. Use challenge language vs. problem language. Consider gratitude journaling, especially during challenging times to help navigate, focus on the good, and find moments of peace and joy. Gratitude: think it – speak it – write it.
  6. Live to give. To exemplify a “live to give” mindset means giving the world the best version of you. By living to give you inspire and serve others and maximize your potential in the process.
  7. The time is now. Harness the power of the moment by taking purposeful action today and taking the next step. It takes two minutes to connect the body and the mind. Practice being mindful and present in the moment through the senses.

To learn more about Teresa Lewis and “The 7 Mindsets,” visit her website


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