Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a membership last? SME dues cover your membership for one year from month of application.

My job title does not fit in the description of those listed on the application. Do I qualify? If you supervise people and lead others you may qualify.

How long until I know if I am approved? The SME Recruitment Committee and the SME Board meet monthly to act on all applications received each month.

How will I know if I passed the requirements for membership? You will receive a new member packet and a letter as soon as the SME Board of Directors takes action on your application. This tends to be around the fourth Thursday of the month.

Once I apply, when can I begin coming to the meetings? You are welcome to come to the meetings as soon as you apply.

If I pay for a guest meal and then apply, will my money be refunded? Your guest meal will be applied toward your membership dues invoice if you apply within a month of attending a meeting as a guest.

Do you offer a discount for more than one membership from a corporation? SME does not offer discounts for multiple memberships from one company.

How much are membership dues? Membership dues are $495 for a calendar year from the month you join to the first of that same month one year later. For first time members there is also a one time orientation charge of $25, so their total is $520 the first year.

How is SME different from other local organizations? SME Provides “An Edge to Your Success®!”

Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc. of Sioux Falls is the premier organization for developing and sustaining a driven and influential force of leaders in our community, and continuously provides our elite membership with networking opportunities and world-class education.

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Charlie Nesdahl, Membership Recruitment Chair

Kacey McCarthy, Executive Director

Sales and Marketing Executives Inc., of Sioux Falls
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Phone: (605) 336-5626
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