Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of a membership? SME dues cover your membership for one year from month of application.

My job title does not fit in the description of those listed on the application. Do I qualify? If you are in a senior level leadership position and are directly involved in sales and marketing you may qualify. Please reach out to learn more!

How long until I know if I am approved? The SME Connections Committee and the SME Board meet monthly to review all applications received.

How will I know if I passed the requirements for membership? You will receive a new member packet and a letter as soon as the SME Board of Directors takes action on your application. This tends to be around the fourth Thursday of the month.

Once I apply, when can I begin coming to the meetings? You are welcome to come to the meetings as soon as you apply.

Do you offer a discount for more than one membership from a corporation? SME does not offer discounts for multiple memberships from one company.

How much are membership dues? Membership dues are $549 for a calendar year which begins the month you join.

How is SME different from other local organizations? Sales and Marketing Executives, Inc. of Sioux Falls is the premier organization for developing and sustaining a driven and influential force of leaders in our community, and continuously provides our elite membership with networking opportunities and world-class education. SME Provides opportunities for their members to Connect. Grow. Lead.

Do you have additional membership questions?

We’d Love To Talk With You!

Mark Schlueter, Connections Committee Chair

Kacey McCarthy, Executive Director

Sales and Marketing Executives Inc., of Sioux Falls
101 N Main Ave #308
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Phone: (605) 336-5626
Toll Free: (877) 421-1033

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