SME Membership

The process for membership in SME is as follows:

  1. An application must be received by SME and MUST refer to the following qualifications and how they apply to your current position on the line that asks ”What duties in your career position qualify you for membership?”.
  2. Qualifications for membership in SME of Sioux Falls are based on the following criteria:
    • A Sales Manager or Executive in charge of sales, having supervision over sales people; A Marketing Executive whose function is to direct the marketing activities of the company or the marketing department within a company;
    • An Owner, President, or Chief Executive Officer of a company; or
    • A person employed in a post secondary education institution whose assignment is as President (or its equivalent), Business School Dean or Department Chair, Professors principally devoted to teaching sales or marketing or others whose principle assignments are in the management of student recruiting or public affairs.
    • An Independent Sales Contractor / Business Owner who has at least one employee and files a schedule C.
  3. The Membership Committee of SME will review your application and qualifications. They may call you for further definition of your position and duties.
  4. The Membership Committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors for decision at their next meeting.
  5. If there are further questions, the Board of Directors may refer your application back to the Membership Committee for further research and recommendations.
  6. The Board of Directors will then either approve or deny the application at their board meeting which usually happens the fourth Thursday of the month.
  7. You will receive a letter from the SME office with regard to your acceptance or non-acceptance as a member.
  8. You will be invoiced for $520 for first time members or $495 for rejoining members. First time members are charged a one time $25 Orientation Fee. Membership dues last for one year from the month joined.

 Become a member today!

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